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Friday, November 12, 2010

Can We Just Please Pay College Players and Get Over This Nonsense?

Two stories in the sports media that are currently driving me fucking crazy -- 1) How violent the NFL has gotten+concussions are really bad. & 2)The Cam Newton pay to play scandal and any other NCAA players getting paid scandal.

I don't really have anything new to say on the NFL thing. I think anyone who whines about how dangerous the NFL has gotten and how we need to do something about the violent/cheap hits, is a fucking pussy. Don't watch the NFL. Women's college basketball just started, tune into that shit.

I'm not eager to see someone die on the field, but that doesn't mean I want to turn the league into a two-hand touch pusssyfest. That would be dumb. So let the players play. Hopefully in this upcoming round of collective bargaining the players association manages to get some concessions from the owners like guaranteed money and expanded rosters. That would be nice for them. But most of these guys get paid fairly well to do a job they love. It's a choice. So if you don't enjoy watching 250lb men run into each other at top speed then maybe you should tune out. It won't happen -- the NFL is more popular than ever -- but nothing is stopping you from watching some shitty 80's movie on the WB network on Sunday afternoons instead of football.

As for the NCAA...

FUCKING PAY FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL PLAYERS. The NCAA just signed a new 14-year TV deal for the basketball tournament worth...10.8 BILLION DOLLARS. That's a truckload of cash. None of which trickles down to these players who are responsible for those deals being made. Merchandise is sold, sky boxes at the stadiums are sold, cash comes in from bowl games and additional media contracts. There's all this cash floating around the industry and it would be beyond silly to think that the players wouldn't want a piece of it. They deserve a piece of it. Most won't make it rich in the NFL or NBA, and they are being used by the NCAA to make everyone but them rich. The NFL and NBA have labor rules in place that REQUIRE their future employees to go through colleges first. If someone wants a shot at professional sports they have to make a stop at college athletics first.

But that's just my opinion. I don't think it's fair that players don't get a monthly stipend. But the real reason you change the status quo is because you can't keep the "corruption" out of college. Agents will find a way to pay the players. Schools and alumni will find a way to take care of the players. The people hurt in this current system are those that follow the current rules. It doesn't create a level playing field when you have schools and coaches who play "clean" and those that don't. It frustrating as a fan to know this. So even the playing field. Take away the power from schools that will compensate players and agents who will influence players. Give players a cut of the jersey's they sell, plus a monthly stipend to help pay the bills. It's not like there isn't enough money floating around.

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