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Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Day After the Day After Election Day: Thoughts and 3rd Parties

Republicans pick up 60-70 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. Yay..?

Look, turnover in Congress can never be a bad thing. And maybe, just maybe the general mood of the country is different than ever before. Maybe the Tea Parties won't become co-opted by special interest groups. Maybe they will hold the politicians that they sent to Washington accountable for trimming entitlements and cutting spending. Maybe. But you wouldn't bet that way.


Jim Geraghty over at NRO laments 3rd party candidates that cost Republicans even more House victories. These were mostly Libertarian Party candidates that were taking up to 5% of the vote away from GOP candidates. I saw the same thing on the election night, only I was encouraged by it not discouraged.

Geraghty reads this the wrong way. To assume that those votes going to the LP candidate would have automatically gone to the GOP candidate if there hadn't been a LP on the ballot is a mistake. Most of those votes are either protest votes or actual Libertarians voting for their party. Neither of those voters would have voted Republican under any circumstance.

You can argue that voting for a 3rd party candidate is stupid, but you could make the same fucking argument about voting for any of these retards on a generic ballot. Either way, 3rd party candidates didn't cost the GOP more House seats, the GOP running on one thing and doing another for the past 10+ years is what cost them those few extra House seats. You can't blame libertarian minded voters for not trusting the GOP to do what they say they will do this time around when they've never done it before.

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