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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election '10 Drunkblogging: Can't They All Lose?

Whose ready for some bad ass election night, cable news gadgets? I AM. Holograms? Anderson Cooper? Graphs? Blogging kitties? Gigantic touch screens? BRING IT ON.

So I went against my better judgement and voted this evening. I feel dirty. I feel only slightly better because outside of voting for Ehrlich for governor, I wrote my tabby cat (Tiger) in for the rest of the ballot. WIN. I'm also 100% sure that the poll workers at my downtown Baltimore polling place tossed my provisional ballot out once I left. I'm pretty sure I was the only registered Republican who voted there today.

Stay awhile with me and enjoy the bloodbath (while mourning the Republican victory). I'll be getting drunk. Very drunk.

7:32 Rand Paul projected to win. That's fun. Looks like it's a bigger margin than predicted? Also, Indiana looks downright disgusting for the Democrats.

Candy Crowley from CNN should not be on HD. HD would have never happened if they first tried the technology on her ugly mug. Can you imagine if that was the first image you ever saw in HD? Also, I originally typed "Cindy Crowley" before I googled and saw I had her name wrong. I'd like to apologize to Cindy Crowley for the mix-up.

Do we think CNN has enough TVs on the set? I'd have South American horse racing on at least one of those if I was on of the 75 pundits on their panel.

7:45 I forgot to get whiskey and my old lady won't go get me any. Reason enough to break off engagement? I say yes. I've only got 3 bottles of wine and two shots of vodka. WHAT IF THE WORLD ENDS TONIGHT??

8:15 I'd like to quibble with the CNN=Politics graphic CNN is using. CNN=Cable News Network. Not politics. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME TED TURNER.

I finally saw some results in the MD Gov race (really the only one I care about), and I zoomed into the county view on the NYTimes election map to study carefully as though I know what I'm doing. Talbot County is only 58% for Ehrlich? NOOOO, THIS MUST MEAN BAD THINGS!!!

/has no idea what it means
//puts glasses on forehead while studying laptop screen to appear as though I know something

8:50 Is it possible to NOT get hired as a pundit on CNN for election night coverage? What about a KITTY PUNDIT??

9:13 OK, that was a gratuitous kitty picture for no real reason. But I do not apologize. Any time you can glasses on a cat and take a picture, you should.

ABC calls MD for O'Malley. I'd like to see something out Baltimore County before calling it for O'Malley.

Republicans win control of the House. Whew. I'm sure this is the begining of something special and unique, right?

9:30 David Vitter called the winner. Thoughts Spitzer? Nothing?

P.S. Our Spitzer meltdown coverage.

9:51 TWITTER MAP ON CNN. The "Twitter Pulse". I just heard the term "plurality of the twitterverse". This is the ridiculousness that I look forward to on election night. Will CNN also dissect the black twitterverse? I hope so, because I have no fucking clue what those folks are talking about 90% of the time.

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