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Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Links, FOP Rant

Drugs in sandals.

Drugs in buttons.

Is the recent backlash against the TSA for real? Naked pictures, harmful radiation and sexual harassment in front of hundreds of strangers is all it took for the public to push back?

Can we trade the disgusting images for the hefty tax? I'd take that deal.

Ugh. Fucking cops. Wouldn't it be great to get to vote on proposed salary cuts and raises at your place of work? Would you ever say yes to a pay cut?

"Well boss I've thought this over, and I agree. I do shit for work and the budget looks tight this year. Go ahead and take a couple percent off my salary."

And it's my goddamn money they are fighting over. Why the fuck don't I get a say in their salary and benefits? I certainly don't think any BPD officer deserves anymore money than they are getting. The starting salary of $43,000 is plenty, plus annual increases, the ability to add regular overtime that bump your annual income up to the high 5 or even 6 figures and a million plus pension that's going to bankrupt this fucking city.

Your job isn't that dangerous. (the last officer to die at work from something other than an automobile accident was in 2007) None of you live in the city you work in, and a lot of you are downright shitty at your job. When the average salary for a resident in Baltimore is in the neighborhood of $28,000 and the city is broke, you're going to lose some of your bounty. Or maybe you won't, because everyone is stupid. But you're not entitled to keep it, that's for sure.

/longer rant than anticipated
//should have been a post

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