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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morning Links

I don't really get excited about the holidays anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a 26 year old with out kids SHOULD be excited about Christmas or whatever; because that would be queer, but I don't even really care about the holiday season anymore.

It's a busy time at work dealing with obnoxious fucktards, and I only ever take off one lousy day, or two at the most for Christmas and Thanksgiving. You have to see family, which is just a total goddamn burden for me. It's cold, you can't golf or fish, and it gets dark at like 3:30 in the fucking afternoon. It's a really depressing time of year. Basically the Christmas season licks my asshole.

So what do I have to look forward to? How about the peak of sports season. College basketball just started, we get the first Thursday night NFL game this week, the stretch run of the regular season of football, and the NBA and NHL are underway. It's a great time of year for sitting along in your living room in the dark, drinking a shit ton of booze and yelling at the TV. If anything it's the only time of the year where that behavior isn't totally frowned upon by other people in your life. So enjoy it. I know I will.

Now for some morning/afternoon links

The quick points of this story:

-Mother-to-be eats an everything bagel day before giving birth

-Pennsylvania hospital (for some reason) performs drug tests on all expectant mothers, reporting positive results to the county's child services department

-Woman tests positive for opiates because of poppy seeds on everything bagel

-County seizes woman's baby before doing ANY investigating of the positive drug test

If inner city decay, ruthless violence and a lost generation (or two) of young black males doesn't cause you to rethink the drug war maybe the above story will.

Joe Morgan and Jon Miller are out at ESPN. Great piece by Joe Posnanski, offering his thoughts on Joe Morgan. It's especially moving when he compares Morgan to the bump that he backs over everyday on the way out his driveway.

Missile or not?

Life is good for Google employees. I'm just hoping for another $50 AMEX gift card from my employer this year. MY JOB ROCKS.

When looking for slutty teenagers, seek out those who have their faces buried in a cellphone. That's the point of this stupid survey, right?

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