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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Wait, Holy Fuck It's December 8th

Belated Thanksgiving greetings to you all. I hope yours was as pleasant as mine, spent at the soon-to-be in laws. It was great. I got to watch one hour of shitty football on a Clinton-era TV before participating in one of the more awkward dinners of my life. It made me miss all those Thanksgivings in college I spent alone with a Stouffer's frozen lasagna, a bag of pot and a handle of whiskey. Can't wait for Christmas.

Other rants: I've been pretty successful as of late at not getting a new job. It's not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of fucking work to keep applying to jobs and going through the whole interview process where I have to sound motivated, all the while pretending that I didn't google the guy who's interviewing me and find his geocities website from 8 years ago full of his poetry.

I'm allowing this guy to judge me? Where did I go wrong? I always imagined by this time in my mid-20's I would be filthy rich answering to no one but the smart jewish guy that I let run my finances. That's it. Just filthy rich. I didn't really think through that plan too well.

The new job has become more pressing as they keep laying people off at my current employer. I'll give everyone a tip about how you can tell if your company isn't doing well -- They keep laying people off. And you know who suffers the most from these layoffs? Me.

It really isn't fair to make me deal with old ladies crying, unless I did something like have sex with them and now they regret it. Which I've totally never done in the workplace. But when I had nothing to do with creating the tears, it's really unfair to make me be in the same room. I have no clue how to handle situations like this. What are you suppose to say?

"Look lady. I wouldn't worry, the labor market for a 50 year old woman with just a high school diploma is really looking up. You'll find a job in no time."

Instead I just sit there in my chair, shaking my head saying "this sucks". I'm very compassionate. Can't we do these layoffs off site? Or after work? You need to do them on a Tuesday at 11:30am? Worst timing ever.

Look, I realize I'm fortunate to have a job. Really, my life is pretty great when compared to the African version of me who is somewhere in West Africa complaining about how it's awkward when his village mates get their arms hacked off by a machete wielding madmen. I would just rather have a non-shitty job. I don't think that makes me too greedy.