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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Social Security Employees Really Worried About Level of Service Provided To You. Really. I'm Not Making This Shit Up.

Social Security Administration employees rallied outside the agency's Woodlawn headquarters and offices across the country Wednesday in a union-organized protest against proposed budget cuts.

Workers shouted "furlough Congress" after hearing an American Federation of Government Employees leader say cuts in a House-approved budget would be the equivalent of workers taking off an entire month without pay.

Congress is five months into the current fiscal year but has yet to pass a budget. The version passed by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would reduce total spending on all agencies by $61 billion compared with last fiscal year.[...]

It's unclear whether Social Security officials would spread the cuts out by operating with fewer workers constantly or closing offices on certain days, said Witold Skwierczynski, who heads an American Federation of Government Employees bargaining unit that represents about 30,000 Social Security employees. Either way, the result would increase the time it takes for Americans to resolve problems, have claims processed and get approved for retirement and disability checks, he said.

"It would have a severe impact on the level of service," he said in an interview before the rally.
Maybe the Social Security Administration operates in an efficient, effective manner. I wouldn't know, all they do is steal my money, but I'd guess that the SSA functions like any government agency and probably has some room for customer service improvement. Either way, as an PR approach, if you're representing government employees I wouldn't advise bringing up your customer service during the conversation. Ever.

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